Week 36 in the year of our Lord 2021

FOMO + a letter to emulate

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And he said to me, “Go and read your new book.” And I answered him, “I have no new book.” He said to me, “You are right in saying, ‘I have no new book’; for you have five hundred new books, and the one you now read is not one of them. What you have said is true.”

Q&A #

Q: How do I deal with fear of missing out? It feels pathetic or even sinful, but I don’t know how to overcome it.

FOMO is directly connected to weak frame/lack of gravitas. And this in turn is almost always connected to a lack of clear purpose in your life. Here are some simple ideas for fixing it:

  • Come to terms with the reality that you will “miss out” on things. It’s a normal part of life.
  • Remember that the pictures posted on social media aren’t everyday life. They represent nothing but the highlights. At best, they’re a distorted picture. At worst, they are completely staged. In fact, most people posting lots of pictures on social media are desperate for everyone else to think that they are busy not missing out on anything…because they have terrible FOMO. Projection is real.
  • Ask to be included in things you want to do—but…
  • Be so busy doing productive things that you end up suffering from a fear of being included. You want to be so focused on building for your own mission that you simply don’t have the time or energy to spend on someone else’s—let alone on diversions. You want to get to the point where you are glad you weren’t invited to something if it wasn’t something you intentionally aimed to attend to advance your mission.
  • Put another way, refocus your FOMO on your long-term destiny. People who feel FOMO are generally just trying to fill up their lives to escape the nagging knowledge that they don’t amount to much. Their short-term regrets will all be forgotten in days. But what regrets won’t you forget? What regrets will you have after years or decades? Fix your attention on where you want to be at the end of your life. When you’re on your deathbed, looking back, what are the things you will say, “I wish I had done more of that, and less of those other things”? Figure that out, and you will find short-term FOMO isn’t an issue. You’ll be too busy pursuing things you know matter in the long-term.
  • Related to this, start your own things and invite people. Establish your own frame.
  • Finally, remember that you have infinite time. Yes, you will die in a few decades. But when you are resurrected, you will have eternity to do everything of actual consequence. Live now with that future reality in mind. What good is it to gain the world now if you lose your soul then?

From Tyrannus Hall: #

One of the members of Tyrannus Hall wrote an excellent letter to his governor regarding mask mandates. It is reproduced below for your edification. You are welcome to adapt it or use it for inspiration in being a prophetic voice to your own local magistrates:

To Governor Brown,

As a long-time citizen, voter, taxpayer, and resident of Oregon, I’d like to thank both you and OHA Director Patrick Allen for releasing updated guidance on COVID-19, especially the rule requiring universal masking to protect children
from the Wuhan Flu, and fines for noncompliance.

You know the facts as well as the rest of us. Schools are not a significant factor in the transmission of COVID-19. The disease has almost no impact on school-aged children. “Asymptomatic spread” is almost negligible in its effects. And the wearing of nonstandard masks by uninfected and asymptomatic people in community settings has no measurable impact on transmission.

So why am I thankful? Because of your ruling, I have learned:

  • You, and the Oregon Health Authority, have no regard for the education of our youth. Public education is failing in its mission to produce informed, prepared, and mature new citizens. But you prioritize compliance with your mandates over this essential goal.
  • You, and the Oregon Health Authority, have no regard for the social development of our youth. You’d rather turn them into faceless drones, unable to smile, read facial cues, talk, sing, etc without hindrance.
  • You, and the Oregon Health Authority, have no regard for public health. While COVID-19 is a threat, much greater threats are found in obesity, depression, joblessness, drug addiction, and social isolation, all of which have worsened under your tyrannical “health” mandates.
  • You, and the Oregon Health Authority, have no regard for the proper function of government, with local decisions by local officials accountable to local communities. You have reversed your previous and wiser course. You have determined that Oregon’s 36 counties, 197 school districts, and numerous independent and charter schools must bow to the Multnomah/Marion axis or face its wrath.
  • You, and the Oregon Health Authority, have no regard for the constitution of the United States of America. You incoherently say constitutional privacy protections allow a woman to decide to kill her unborn child, but deny her the private medical decision on whether to mask that child. You oppose the “right of the people peaceably to assemble” by assessing fines on parents who peaceably assemble their children for learning.
  • You, and the Oregon Health Authority, have no regard for the will of the people, who have repeatedly and urgently voiced their opposition to just this sort of despotic rule.

These revelations are extraordinary.

They reveal you are willing to sacrifice the trust and good will Oregonians have for their government and its offices so that you can boast to your vanishing support base about “protecting” Oregon while you recklessly and shamefully endanger it.

They reveal your contempt for your office, its constitutional limits, and the good people of Oregon who have temporarily granted you the privilege to govern.

They reveal that only the stiffest and boldest political opposition can possibly be effective, and encourage citizens like myself to become more politically active and organized to ensure that shortsighted bureaucratic bullies such as yourselves must never again be permitted to approach the seats of power in our beleaguered state.

So, again, you have my gratitude for making all of this plain.

New content this week: #

Notable: #

  • Church and COVID-19: A Declaration About the Gatherings of the Church of Christ. Something worth signing.
  • James White corroborates Michael O’Fallon’s “crazy” story:

    O’Fallon is worth keeping up with. He claims to have been approached about getting on board the Great Reset 10 years ago, along with other high-level movers and shakers like Ed Stetzer and Danny Akin. He apparently was privy to documents that outlined plans to put in motion the changes required. He does seem to have been trying to warn people about this for years, and has been largely treated as a nutjob because of it, until quite recently when his warnings started taking shape in reality. It is hard to think someone is just nuts when in hindsight their predictions are highly accurate, and when men like James White stand up for them.
  • Doug Wilson argues that we should not take the bait by engaging in protests that could give the state an excuse to cover their coming power grab: Three Chess Moves Ahead | Blog & Mablog.
  • Pfizer Fined $2.3B in Largest Healthcare Fraud Case in History (2009). But we’re sure they learned their lesson and never did it again.
  • Jon Harris breaks down the bully tactics used against NYS Healthcare Workers, mentioning how they mimic the methods used in establishing every 20th century dictatorship—and the only way to resist them.

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