Week 49 in the year of our Lord 2020

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We have been in content production mode lately. Here are some of the fruits of our labors:

Michael did an interview with Rhett Burns of CrossPolitic on the “Sexual Reckoning.” It has a quite a few zingers in it. Here are a few of them:

“Another thing pastors don’t see right away is just how brassy and conceited modern women can be… The damage is that she’ll get a guy who’s certainly within her station, but not be satisfied with him. She’ll think she’s above him and she won’t marry him.”

“Does everyone think that women and men that are single through their thirties are not having sex? Do they really think they are not masturbating to porn in this society? Like how dumb do you have to be to believe that…”

“I mean, there is incredible amounts of naivety when it comes to these things. It’s just mind blowing, and, really, what it is, is folks don’t want to see what’s happened to their children and what we’re coming into.”

Here’s the link to the full episode:


In a new episode of our podcast, we talk to AD Robles about critical race theory, white knights, and biblical rhetoric:


Here’s one of the most annoyingly effeminate things pastors do that undermines their leadership—and especially their leadership of men (6 min clip):


How is our book coming? All things considered, very well.

We’ll have the first 8 chapters done before the end of the year.

Here’s a passage from Chapter 3 which explains how sex is an engine of productivity:

It is easy to think of the two halves of the creation mandate as being for Adam and Eve respectively. Subduing the world is Adam’s job, and filling it is Eve’s. But although there is an important theological truth behind this impulse, it is also a gross exaggeration of God’s design. Nowhere is this more obvious than in man’s libido. As his aggressive desire to rule and subdue is God-given, so is his aggressive desire for sex. This reality has been difficult for the church to accept throughout the ages. Sex, as we’ve already said, is often seen as dirty in and of itself. There is an earthy animality to it that is embarrassing to heavenly-minded theologians—especially ones saturated in the Greek idea of base flesh and pure spirit.

This was such a problem that some of the early church fathers even saw sex within marriage as sinful. Although this can seem ridiculous to us, it is easy see how someone gets there. Unbridled sexual desire is a fire by which many have been burned. Hence, Proverbs 6:26-28 warns:

For the price of a prostitute reduces one to a loaf of bread,
And an adulteress hunts for a precious life.
Can anyone take fire in his lap And his clothes not be burned?
Or can a person walk on hot coals And his feet not be scorched?

Those who have fallen into the flames of illicit sexual desire come out charred. They are scarred with shame, and having their consciences afflicted by lust, they are instinctively wary of sex. Their experience of the degrading depths of fornication colors their view even of God-honoring sex. It can be difficult for them to imagine how such a force for sin can ever truly be good.

But while the destructive potential of fire is almost without limit, when properly contained and directed it is also one of the most useful forces in creation. Combustion within the engine bay of a car can gut it and reduce it to a twisted shell—but combustion within the engine itself produces enough power to drive that car around the world. As the engine fires, huge amounts of useful mechanical energy is produced. It is almost magic. Suddenly, at the turn of a key, a lifeless collection of metal parts are transformed into a growling machine—an extension of its driver, ready to multiply a thousandfold his own speed and endurance and power.

The same is true of a properly harnessed and aimed sex drive. It is an engine of productivity that multiplies the power of man.

It was God who blessed Adam with a sex drive. He didn’t just command Adam to be fruitful and multiply. He designed him to want to do so. God could have made mankind’s multiplication to be an asexual endeavor. But He didn’t. It takes the entangling of two fleshes, of a man and a woman, to make another human life. We are created produce and reproduce. Thus, it should not be surprising that men are attracted to and aroused by the potential fruitfulness of a woman.

Multiple studies have confirmed what common sense and Scripture has taught for ages: men are turned on by fertility cues.

Listen to the wisdom of Proverbs 5:

Let your fountain be blessed,
And rejoice in the wife of your youth.
Like a loving doe and a graceful mountain goat,
Let her breasts satisfy you at all times;
Be exhilarated always with her love.

Yes and amen. A man is especially aroused by the sway of a woman’s hips—they will bring his children into this world. A man is especially aroused by the shape and size of a woman’s breasts—they will nurture his children out of infancy. A man is especially aroused by a woman who is ovulating—she can bring forth new life from him. He is aroused by what is smooth, what is tight, what is beautiful—for God has wired us to be fruitful, and these all reflect fruitful youth. Just as God formed and then filled the world with life, so does man desire to take a wife and fill her with life.

In fact, one of the great blessings of a man’s sex drive is how it urges him to become more than himself. Men are driven by sexual desire to become not just responsible for themselves, but to take to themselves a woman as a wife. One flesh joins with another flesh, and they become a single flesh. From this union, forged in sex, God is pleased to bring forth children. What better demonstrates the “one fleshness” of a marriage than the creation of an individual made of those two fleshes? Moreover, this new person magnifies God all the more in that he also bear God’s image. So the desire for sex is central to filling the world with the image of God. So male desires, when submitted to God’s created order, compel a man to extend God’s rule and to fill His world with more image-bearers.

The same could, of course, be said of female desires. The sexes are designed to be productive, to be fruitful, and this fruitfulness requires cooperation. We are made to complement each other to such a degree that the creation mandate is impossible without both sexes. Hence, it is not good that a man be alone. He requires a helper suitable to him, a woman. And she needs someone whom she can help. Sexual cooperation is God’s design.

Our book is due out in Spring '21 from Canon Press. We thank you for your prayers and encouragement, and we’ll continue to keep you up to date.

It is easy to be soft in the West. In fact, our world is built to actively sabotage you and keep you living in the moment, putting off for tomorrow the hard things you could be doing today. You literally can live a life where every day you are fatter, poorer, and more dependent.

But do you think there has ever been a man who said: “I wish I’d spent less time working on a vision for my future, learning skills to build up my home, creating productive property, disciplining myself to eat well and get in shape, and shepherding my household to walk with God. I missed out on so much junk food, so much binge watching shows, so many video games, so many cheap orgasms jerking off to porn, so much downtime, such great comfort and ease. If only I could do it over.”

Do you think this has ever occurred to any man of achievement?

The undisciplined life is not worth living.

Talk again next week,

Bnonn & Michael

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