Week 33 in the year of our Lord 2021

Vaccines & wisdom as pattern recognition

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We all want progress. But progress means getting nearer to the place where you want to be. And if you have taken a wrong turning then to go forward does not get you any nearer. If you are on the wrong road progress means doing an about-turn and walking back to the right road and in that case the man who turns back soonest is the most progressive man. There is nothing progressive about being pig-headed and refusing to admit a mistake…Going back is the quickest way on. —C.S. Lewis

There are two types of people scared of authority:

  1. Those who have suffered under wrongly exercised authority;
  2. Those who themselves wrongly exercise authority.

The former is easy to understand. The latter is afraid of authority because they imagine everyone will rule like they do.

Edwin H. Friedman, in A Failure of Nerve: Leadership in the Age of the Quick Fix, describes the concept in leadership that we now often call “frame.” He uses the analogy of cells. Just as cells are differentiated yet connected into an organic whole, so are people.

Leadership, to Friedman, is an emotional process of self-differentiation. Those people who are unable to regulate their own social anxieties are unable to properly self-differentiate; they infect other people with their anxieties, compromising the “cell wall” of both. In this respect they function as viruses. Friedman refers to the process of roping a third party into your anxieties about someone else as “triangling.” He claims that this process of taking on other people’s problems is the chief cause of stress and burnout, rather than excessive work. This in turn leads to more triangling.

Leaders are those who are especially good at self-differentiation. They can regulate their anxiety about others well, tolerating other people’s emotional turmoil without taking it on. This makes them highly resistant to being triangled. In this sense, they function as an immune system.

From Tyrannus Hall: #

One member shared this simple and easy way to ensure you have enough extra food stored for 1–4 weeks, without going into crazy prepper mode:

I was into the prepper movement for a year, over a decade ago before I repented and moved to a more sane place in my life. But living in an area that is tornado prone, I have sought to be prepared for disasters and supply disruptions.

If last year taught us anything, it was how fragile the supply chain can be. One thing I’ve struggled with is a food storage plan that I really liked. I’ve tried a few things, like the whole “double purchase” method, and it is OK. But about 6 months ago I made up a method that I really enjoy, and thought some of you might like it.

The implementation is based on a little basic math up front. And then a little “winging it” with what you have available. Here is how I do it.

You take the number of people you care about feeding, and determine the daily caloric needs for all of them. For me and my family (me + wife + two kids) our daily caloric needs are around 6000 calories/day.

So for a week we need 42,000 calories to survive.

So I take a medium size cardboard box, and buy food from the grocery store that is at least a year out, and pack it full of enough food for one week. Boom. I’ve got a week’s worth of emergency food.

I then date the box, so that a month before the food expires we can crack it open, and eat a week’s worth of food over a month-long period. I repeat this every few months so that we have several such boxes ready to go.

Obviously your box size and increments can vary based on your needs. But the idea is that you can take it slow and build incrementally. I also have some long-term food storage, but that food is generally more expensive per calorie than food at the grocery store. So having both is more affordable for my family.

So those are the basics on how I build my “emergency food” storage with extra groceries without having to worry about them going bad. Also, for long term and/or bulk food for those in the United States, I recommend https://www.breadbeckers.com. If you are in the southeast you can make a roadtrip and buy. They also have co-ops throughout the US. For those outside the US, there very well may a similar company in your country.

Q&A: #

I’m struggling to establish a solid reason to not get vaxxed. I don’t buy the medical freedom argument, because it’s not biblical. In Scripture, the sick were required to socially distance themselves. It would have been sinful to disobey those laws while proclaiming medical freedom. If the vax is good for you, and for others, then it would be a 6CV to not take it. I’m not sure who to trust. The “medical authorities”, which are leftists, say that the vax is good. And the ones I see claiming the vax is bad for your health are the QAnon folks. I don’t trust either side. The greatest argument I’ve found for not taking it is the fact that the vax was created with the help of fetal cell lines. I wouldn’t want to use something that only came to exist because of murder. A counter-argument is that we could reject lots things because they were a byproduct of sin. Why make an exception this time? Do we reject all medical information learned by the Nazis experiments in WWII? I’m skeptical of taking the vax, especially because of the totalitarian manner in which it’s being pushed on society. However, I’d also like to have a unshakable argument for not taking it, so when the commies decide to ban me from restaurants, gyms, and entertainment, I can stand firm and say “I will not comply.” What have you guys got?

Firstly, a point of theology: arguably, the sick were not required to quarantine themselves in Scripture because they were sick, but because they were ritually impure. This is a very important distinction, unless you think people with a bodily discharge, or who have touched a dead body, should still be quarantined, for example. See the article XVIII of the Warrenton Declaration.

This isn’t to say that quarantine cannot be justified biblically—just that the argument is not as direct as some people think. And it’s an even bigger leap from there to taking vaccinations. And an even bigger stretch to saying that it’s a 6th commandment violation to refuse vaccination.

Secondly, the question of who to trust is enormous.

You don’t need to follow QAnon to find people saying that the vaccine is a bad idea. We’ve included some good links in this week’s Notable section below, and would also recommend the work of Dr. Sam Bailey.

Moreover, we know beyond any doubt that the very people who are telling us we must get the vaccine, are the same ones who have been lying about the efficacy of masks and lockdowns, and treating a disease with a 99%+ survival rate as if it were a civilization-ending threat.

On top of that, they have refused to acknowledge what trained doctors are widely reporting about the efficacy of Vitamin D, zinc, and Ivermectin (e.g., Bret Weinstein’s interview with Tess Lawrie). Why would they do that? Well, vaccines can only be rolled out under an EUA if there is no effective treatment for a disease…

There is also serious evidence that the vaccines make you much less likely to catch covid, but much more likely to die from it.

So what possible reason do we have to trust the establishment about the safety and efficacy of vaccines?

We know that if public safety were their goal, they would be doing completely different things. And we know that they know that.

So what is their goal?

Well, what do their actions achieve? And what examples of similar situations do we have in history and literature?

Establishing tyrannical power over people is not only the most plausible explanation, but the only one that makes any sense at all. Cf. every socialist power in the 20th century. Cf. classics like 1984 and Brave New World. In fact, if you have seen Equilibrium, that movie can be applied mutatis mutandis to our situation with pretty disturbing accuracy. Obviously writers and film-makers aren’t prophets, and we shouldn’t treat them as such, but they are tapping into natural patterns of human psychology and history to explore how they could work out.

Wisdom is pattern recognition. Naivete is not a fruit of the spirit.

One member of Tyrannus Hall has a wife who worked as a PhD in a prestigious research institution in Europe. She is pretty sure that a number of people in her lab were straight-up making stuff up. These same people were published in Nature.

But you shouldn’t necessarily trust the expertise of anyone we link to either.

Ultimately, this is not a question of science. “Trust the science” actually means/logically entails/reduces down to “trust the scientists.”

All of the decision-making you do with this pandemic comes down to figuring out who you trust—not what. Data, evidence, science is, in this sense, a red herring.

The most fundamental thing to identify is not which data is scientifically sound, but which people are morally sound.

None of this actually answers your question, but it does establish some important principles.

The ground on which you defy tyrants who want to inject you with an untested and potentially lethal drug in order to “save” everyone from a disease with a 99% survival rate is simply this: “That’s insane, and God has not delegated you the authority to make me do insane things.”

The question that demands an answer #

One way many men are answering this question is by joining us in our mission of rebuilding godly patriarchy to stand firm against the tide, wherever they are.

It’s Good To Be A Man: Become a member

You can join us in Tyrannus Hall—or, if you want to just support us in a smaller way, we have $7 and $14/month options as well.

Notable: #

  • Doctor Destroys the Entire COVID Narrative - GabTV. This is an outstanding summary by a doctor trained in immunology. “Everything being recommended by the CDC and state board of health is actually contrary to all the rules of science… You keep struggling with this because you cannot make these viruses go away… Vaccination changes none of this, especially with this vaccine. And I would hope this board would start asking itself, before it considers taking the advice of the CDC, the NIH and the state board of health, why we are doing things about this that we didn’t do for the common cold, influenza, or respiratory syncytial virus. And then ask yourself, why is a vaccine that is supposedly so effective having a breakout in the middle of the summer, when respiratory viral syndromes don’t do that? And to help you understand that, you need to know the condition that is called antibody mediated viral enhancement. That is a condition done when vaccines work wrong, as they did in every coronavirus study done in animals on coronaviruses after the SARS outbreak, and done in respiratory syncytial virus, where a vaccine used in a vulnerable individual, done the wrong way—which it cannot be done right, in a respiratory virus, which has a very low pathogenicity rate—causes the immune system to actually fight the virus wrong, and let the virus become worse than it would with native infection. And that is why you are seeing an outbreak right now… 75% of people who had covid-19 positive symptom cases in the Barnstable, Massachusetts outbreak, were fully vaccinated.” [applause] He goes on to point out that if we discriminate based on vaccines, we should also discriminate based on other proven treatments like active vitamin D loading, Ivermectin, and zinc, which reduce your already miniscule chance of dying by 75%.
  • A pathologist summary of what the vaccines do to the body. Again, very concerning stuff.
  • In a similar vein: Rand Paul: Do Not Comply. Follow the Science and Choose Freedom. Although we obviously disagree with his presuppositions about state schooling, it’s good to see a politician who appears to have some spine.
  • These are the people opposing us. Yes, we should be concerned about what they will do with their power. But we should also love our enemies. Imagine being such an emotionally fragile delusional mess that you can’t handle a pet not playing along with your fantasy world. Such people need our pity and our prayers:
  • Jetpack flying at altitude? Where do we sign up?

Talk again next week,

Bnonn & Michael

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