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What to expect in the coming months

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History has stopped. Nothing exists except an endless present in which the Party is always right. ―George Orwell, 1984

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A question from Tyrannus Hall:

Q: It’s become apparent that the current “vaccines” are going to be increasingly worthless at best, and detrimental at worst, as covid-19 variants emerge. Here in the States mainstream media and the Biden Regime is painting the waning efficacy of the vaccine as a direct result of the unvaccinated, despite this claim being utter nonsense (two words: animal reservoirs) and proven otherwise in Israel, which is a few months ahead of us in inoculation. Unquestionably the Biden Regime knows what’s likely around the bend, and it seems they’re preempting this by setting the stage for blaming the unvaccinated so that their own incompetence and empty promises with the vaccine aren’t exposed. I suspect that the Regime doesn’t intend everyone to get vaccinated, because they know that if that happens, the charade will be exposed. Perhaps their aim at this point is to show everyone that they’ve taken “hard lines” against covid-19 and its perpetrators (unvaccinated people such as myself) so that the vaccinated masses will be more inclined to blame me and mine rather than incompetence and lies from the authorities. If this “conspiracy” borders on truth, my question is, “What’s around the bend? What can we expect?” More lockdowns? More punitive measures against the unvaccinated? More trampling of rights? What do you guys think?

This is a question well worth considering. “A prudent person sees evil and hides himself, But the naive proceed, and pay the penalty” (Proverbs 22:3). God coaches us in his word to think ahead, to plan ahead, so we can guide and protect ourselves and our houses.

The trajectory of the “Regime” is clear. The historical precedent is clear too.

The Regime will try to establish the unvaxxed as unpeople in some sense, using an incremental strategy to strip away their rights and turn the populace against them.

The logical end-point for this is quarantine camps (for everyone’s safety, including the unvaxxed, of course). After that, who knows. Mass killings are certainly not out of the question given what we know of previous regimes in history, but it’s a question of whether the cost:benefit ratio makes sense for the Regime.

How far down this path we go is really up to the unvaxxed, and those willing to stand with them.

If we are willing to be arrested in order to contest our treatment in court, there is a reasonable chance that we can throw some sticks in the spokes, depending on how corrupt the courts turn out to be. But although many of the highest level players are exceedingly corrupt, there are still some with a conscience—and even the corrupt ones will bend if they fear the crowd. For instance, the Regime just recently suffered a rather serious setback with the FDA advisory board voting 16 to 3 against approving a third booster shot of the Pfizer vaccine despite the White House’s plans:

If enough people start to resist sooner rather than later, the whole thing will fizzle out because the Regime simply won’t be able to establish the critical mass required for these kinds of measures to work. They can certainly coerce businesses into firing one or two employees. But can they coerce them into firing 20%? 30%? And even if so, what happens do those people? Many of them are likely to have the kind of psychological makeup that makes them the 20% that do 80% of the work. How will businesses stay competitive if they fire those people, especially considering that many ex-employees like this are likely to start alternative businesses together. And if that happens, at what point do you have so many people doing this that they create a de facto alternative economy—one that can more or less ignore the old system?

It is a very bizarre situation, the notion of establishing a kind of shadow nation within an existing nation; two different peoples coexisting in the same space but having little interaction, like a mirror universe. That might happen, but it seems much more likely that certain regions will become hotspots for “dissidents,” and the compliant areas will see a mass exodus of some significant minority of their citizens. And at that point, you effectively have the beginnings of a secession.

Because mass resistance is key, one of the most pressing questions is how much most people doubt the efficacy of the vaccines. If nearly everyone knows someone who has a story about getting covid after being vaccinated and/or being harmed by the vaccine (and anecdotally, that seems to be approaching reality), then the harder the Regime pushes the narrative that vaccines are both safe and effective, and that continuing covid cases are the fault of the unvaxxed, the more desperate they will look. Some people can be made to believe that what they know really ain’t so—but the only way to gaslight an entire populace is to prevent them from talking to each other about what is going on. That way, the free-thinkers can be made to believe that no one else thinks like them, so they keep quiet out of fear of retaliation or ostracization. This is largely where the Regime’s power has been so far: we are an isolated and atomized society, and everyone is afraid of being outside the herd, so even when you have a significant proportion of doubters, each of them might feel like he is the only one.

But this is a two-edged sword. If you can get enough people to say what they think (studies suggest between 3% and 10% is all it takes), then the dissident view becomes an acceptable and safe opinion for others—and the tide can turn extraordinarily quickly. We saw this happen with gay mirage, for instance. In the space of a few years, the entire world went from everyone thinking that of course marriage was only between a man and a woman, to everyone effectively flipping to the opposite view. People falsify their preferences until they think there is sufficient herd safety to state their real beliefs openly; and then, of course, the people who haven’t changed their views find themselves in the minority, and start falsifying their preferences instead.

To put a long story short, what we need is brave men to stand up and simply state facts without shame or fear or apology.

The difficulty is finding a public forum in which do to this—a place that will move us beyond online enclaves. Local government is probably a good place to start.

Returning to the question of what to expect in the future, another major threat to prepare for is state agencies creating policies to exclude the unvaxxed. This is likely to make life very difficult in the short term, but in the long term it may well accelerate the popular abandonment of the Regime. Possibly it will even precipitate the abandonment of state involvement in things like education and charity and health care, which God never delegated to them in the first place. Aside from the obvious vaccine passports—which are already being rolled out in various ways (formal and informal) as prerequisites to involvement in public life—you will probably see policies that discriminate against or outright exclude unvaxxed for education, social support, medical aid etc. You may see insurance companies taking this route, but if even one company doesn’t, that will likely become a competitive advantage, so it’s hard to imagine this being a successful long-term strategy. But state services are definitely prime game for these kinds of policies.

It is well inside the bounds of probability that state coercion will extend into social services far enough that parents are given the choice between taking the vax (and giving it to their kids), or having their kids taken away. That would be a logical step, because it is a logical implication of the view of government being promulgated today: one in which a priestly class knows best what is good for you, and we are all wards of the state by default. The Nanny State suffers parents to raise their children if they do so in approved ways, but will not hesitate to intervene if they step out of line. Not when children’s “safety” is on the line. Most people are unlikely to bat an eyelid at this. Of course we should protect the children!

But again, this is a dangerous game, because it is so extreme that if there is a significant minority who are unvaxxed, they are going to resist much more strongly. Taking kids away is an end-game move, and if it fails, the whole system is likely to implode.

This brings us to a critical tactical observation. Knowing why you’re resisting is of great importance. Doing it just for principle is obviously legitimate—we should all be principled. But standing on principle is very hard when survival is at stake. Thus, it is good to also have a clear pragmatic vision. Know the world you are trying to build—and the world you are trying to avert. We do not want our children to live in a world where they have essentially none of the freedoms we grew up taking for granted. And we definitely don’t want our children, regardless of the world they grow up in, to look back and say, “If only our fathers had been brave enough to stand up for our future, maybe things could have been different.” We might not remember Richard Wurmbrand at all, if his wife had not told him, “I don’t need a coward for a husband.” We are at war whether we like it or not. So each of us must resolve to return with our shield, or on it.

We do need to balance pragmatism with principle, however. A significant amount of the difficulty we face making hard decisions is actually an inertia problem, more than a true problem with any ethical dilemma. Put another way, our problem is basically that we are still trying to live life as if everything is, or at least can, be like it was. We are still thinking in terms of our regular routines and categories, and trying to find ways to preserve those without compromising our principles. But we probably should be asking rather how we can replace those things without compromising our principles.

For instance, rather than, “How do I go to the mechanic without wearing a mask?” we should be asking things like, “How do I get around without a car? How can I source the parts and knowledge to fix my car myself? How can I find a mechanic, and a grocer, and a barber, and fill in the blank, who is anti-mask, so I can start building a small local community economy?” Similarly, ask not, “How can I keep my job without being vaxxed?” but rather, “What job can I get without being vaxxed?” or, “Where can I move for a better job where I will have community support against being vaxxed?” It is important for us all to look hard at ourselves and ask if (and how) we are making idols out of the gifts God has given us, rather than doing the work of figuring out what changes we need to make to live as God requires of us.

This brings us to the final point, which is to keep the first things first. All of this tyranny is being enacted under the guise of virtue. It’s for our safety. It’s loving your neighbor. Anyone against it is putting you at risk. They’re anti-science. Ultimately, as always, this is a moral battle—which means that our chief weapon is the word of God.

We may win some victories, or even roll back the tide completely, by appealing to things like science, moral intuitions, and the Constitution. But God is not mocked. What we sow, we will reap. It is inevitable that tyranny will continue to overcome the West as long as the West tries to fight it outside of Christ. People get the rulers they deserve. A cowardly people will get tyrants, because cowardice is sin. A foolish people will get tyrants, because foolishness is sin.

In other words, to reform the West, we must reform the Church. We must throw out the cowards and the quislings and the pulpiteers, and we must preach the gospel to every creature instead of just doing it behind closed doors, praying that God gives us success. If people won’t have Christ as king, they will have tyrants instead. If they will have Christ, then they need not fear tyrants.

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  • Seven Ways to Prepare Your Family for What’s Coming | Doug Wilson - YouTube.
  • Facebook documents show how toxic Instagram is for teens: WSJ.
  • Is Religion Good for You? | NBER Short answer: yes. “Attending religious services weekly, rather than not at all, has the same effect on individuals’ reported happiness as moving from the bottom to the top quartile of the income distribution… People living in an area with a higher density of co-religionists have higher incomes, they are less likely to be high school dropouts, and more likely to have a college degree. Living in such an area also reduces the odds of receiving welfare, decreases the odds of being divorced, and increases the odds of being married. The effects can be substantial. Doubling the rate of religious attendance raises household income by 9.1 percent, decreases welfare participation by 16 percent from baseline rates, decreases the odds of being divorced by 4 percent, and increases the odds of being married by 4.4 percent.” This is very relevant to people who are thinking about the concept of county before country. Being part of a religious community, rather than isolated somewhere, is a key strategy for long-term victory.
  • Tyflocracy: The New Art of Oppressive Governance. This was published in June 2017, but reads like a brief history of 2020-2021. “…from Greek: τυφλός (tyflós: blind eye)/ : a degenerative form of single Party government which has declared an asymmetric war of displaced risk upon its own citizenry as part of a scheme for cultivating ultimate power. A form of burgeoning totalitarian rule, composed primarily of non-elected officials who have been indoctrinated into believing that they hold a superior intellect and humanity to those whom they were once appointed to serve. So convinced of its own virtue mandate and the contrasting original sin of its constituents, that it has adopted the view that its own citizens are now a less-than-human enemy – no longer worthy of the full slate of human rights… A government who has assumed that the ‘general welfare’ is something it possesses and owns, and has duty to apportion to its constituents based upon virtuous justice – making the government an indispensable entity which must protect itself at all costs, up to and including ending public scrutiny of its conduct, corrupt mechanisms of power and election, and establishing a credible/vital nuclear option.”
  • The Meaning of the FDA Resignations ⋆ Brownstone Institute. “How significant is it that the two top FDA officials responsible for vaccine research resigned last week and this week signed a letter in The Lancet that strongly warns against vaccine boosters? This is a remarkable sign that the project of government-managed virus mitigation is in the final stages before falling apart.”
  • Judge Rules NY State Can’t Force Christian Health Care Workers to Get COVID Vaccine - LifeNews.com.
  • The Last Supper, circa 2021 (colorized, obviously):

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